giovedì 10 gennaio 2013

Another From Me to You

Hello  lovelies..!

My Last give away just have flew to Calu in Brazil.
As stated on previously posts. I had mentioned there will be another 'From  Me to You' on January 2013.Just wondering to share my happiness and joy because on January is my Birthday!, Yep B'day ;)
one of the collection of these sweet lavender potpourri will fly to your house if you win.

How to enter :

  1. Which date of January I was born?
  2. Be sure you say that you want to be entered by leaving as many comment you like  on this post  with the answer of  'point 1'
  3. Be sure you are my blog public follower (If you haven't already done so, just sign up on my left side bar)

Giveaway ends by midnight on  31 January 2013
Remember Worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck my dear friends
Thanks so much for your friendship until this time being
Ayu M.

36 commenti:

TexWisGirl ha detto...

awww. happy birthday to you, ayu, no matter what day it is. :) good luck to your followers! :)

Felipa M. ha detto...

Eu não sei quando é o seu aniversário, por isso não posso participar....
Lindas rosas, linda lembrança. Beijo

Barbara F. ha detto...

This is very generous, a worldwide giveaway. I am going to say that your birthday is...................January 29th! Happy, happy birthday to you. xo

Kerri ha detto...

Happy Birthday month! I will guess you were born on the 21st :)


Red Rose Alley ha detto...

Yes, I would love a chance to win the sweet potpourri. O.K. let me guess when your birthday is.......maybe January 26? (I say that because that is my father-in-law's birthday). I can smell the lavender from here, my friend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Claudia ha detto...

Dera Ayu,
what a lovely From-me-to-You Idea! wonderful little Potpourris!

Well, let me think, perhaps your Birthday is on january, 13th??? .....

Wishing you a happy and wonderful weekend!
Love and hugs

Duni ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,

how exciting! Those lavender pillows are so sweet. I love the ribbon roses. Very pretty indeed.
My guess is your birthday is January 16th?
I am following you already :)
Thank you so much for this chance!
Duni ♥

confusedmind ha detto...

Hi Ayu!!
I think that your birthday is today!! At 11 January!
Happy birthday month!!
A beautiful giveaway from you! I have to win this time! :))

DIMI ha detto...

Hallo my sweet Ayu!!I think its tommorow ,and its my daughters too!!My best wishes for a Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!!And your gifts are fantastic!!I love them!!You are so talented!!Hope i'll be lucky this time!!
Have a lovely weekend!!
Kisses and hugs!!

Calu ha detto...

Doce e prendada Ayu,
que encantamentos estes que voam para cá!!Então, ganhei estes mimosos aromatizantes?Yupiiiii!
Lindos, rosas, floridos, aromáticos e suaves como as mãos que os criaram, as tuas.
Assim que chegarem postarei vaidosa, viu?
Mas, quando é teu aniversário???Me conte.
Tenha um alegre fim de semana.

Felipa M. ha detto...

Eu voltei para tentar adivinhar a data do seu aniversário e ganhar essa linda lembrança.
O seu aniversário é 20 de janeiro :)

Como eu não sei o dia certo, dou já os parabéns para o seu aniversário, e eu desejo-lhe muitas felicidades! Beijo

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,
Happy Birthday | Selamat Ulang Tahun for whatever day it will be!
Many hugs to you and I'm anxious to find out WHO will be the lucky winner of your outstanding work.

Ailime ha detto...

Olá Ayu, lindos esses pot porri lavanda. Até estou sentido o aroma:))! Candidato-me com muito prazer a receber a sua lembrança tão generosa e arrisco uma data...13 de Janeiro? (data de aniversário do meu marido). Grande abraço e excelente fim-de-semana. Ailime
(O parque é bem próximo da localidade onde resido)

romance-of-roses ha detto...

Hello Ayu, Thank you so much for visiting me and all of your good wishes and complements. So you also are a January girl, how wonderful to know that.

Ok, will take a guess on your birthday. My lucky number and birthday is 13, I am devoted to St. Anthony and his birthday is June 13 so I will say 13.
Your give-a-way is lovely. I love pink, it's my favorite color and of course who doesn't love roses. Happy January Birthday. Hugs...Lu

orchid ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,
Oh, happy birthday to you in this month♡♡♡ Well, my father's birthday is 31st of this month, hehe my vote is the "31st"! How thoughtful of you to hold this worldwide giveaway, my friend. I am really happy to be able to enter♬♬♬
I'm crossing my fingers for my luck(*^_^*)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Castles Crowns and Cottages ha detto...

Sweet AYU! Count me in your giveaway! I was born in APRIL.

And thank you dear one for coming to visit my story. It is SO FUN to blog!! Anita

Duni ha detto...

Hello sweet Ayu,
thank you for visiting my blog earlier and thank you for letting me have another chance. I thought only one per person ;-)
Well, my brother's birthday is Jan 15th - so maybe yours is too?
have a lovely weekend, my friend
Duni xo

Busy Little Chicken ha detto...

Hi Ayu! Thanks for visiting my blog, and entering into my give-away! I am guessing that your birthday is 1st January? I am already a follower or your blog, and enjoy reading it!! :)

Claudia ha detto...

Ok, I try it again ..... 22nd????
Big hugs
Claudia ;O)

me (maria) ha detto...

My dear Ayu..happy birthday...I will say it´s on

Felipa M. ha detto...

Bem, eu volto aqui para dizer outra data: 10 de janeiro :)

Claudia ha detto...

Another try, my dear Ayu it the 5th????
Have a happy new week,
Love and hugs

Evi @ sexta-feira ha detto...

A delayed Happy Birthday to you! I'm guessing 7? :)

Zizi Santos ha detto...

seu aniversário é dia 7 de janeiro
meu e-mail é
Rio de Janeiro Rj - Brasil

Old Time Cindy ha detto...

Hello Ayu,
Happy January Birthday to you! My guess is January 1.
Farmhouse hugs,

Busy Little Chicken ha detto...

Ohhh, guessing again Ayu, is it 3rd January? :)

Felipa M. ha detto...

Desta vez digo 9 de janeiro, parabéns uma vez mais, beijo

Linda Primmer ha detto...

Ayu, such a pretty little treasure. Happy Birthday to you. My guess is January 30th. Enjoy your week, hugs, Linda

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,
Do you have your birthday together with my Dad; on the 4th?
Hugs to you,

Raindrops and Daisies ha detto...

I'm guessing the 6th.

Hope you had or will have a lovely birthday xxxx

Yellow Rose Arbor ha detto...

I'm guessing the 10th? The give-away is really beautiful!

Belated birthday wishes!


lori carolina ha detto...

Oh these are LOVELY, the ribbon-work is so pretty!!
I guess the 2nd or 8th, but my first guess is the 8th?!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

cathy crosson ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
cathy crosson ha detto...

Saw you on Find a Friend Friday! Your pillow is lovely. I am guessing your birthday is Jan. 2nd? Thanks for the fun give away!
Cathy Crosson

romance-of-roses ha detto...

Ok, leaving another comment. Your birthday is Jan. 31. Hugs...Lu

me (maria) ha detto...

Can I say again or not?
If I can, I say 8..sorry if I didn't understand..

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