giovedì 4 ottobre 2012

Bread Box -Porta Pane

In our new house, we are creating white living atmosphere still in progress. I turn to all white essence in any angle of our living house.I do paint and repaint. Try to create and to add a shabby touch...yes shabby. 
I madly in love this home decor.
Have you ever seen this bread box kind of below?
sure you recognized... 
it is IKEA collection

here below before
Ugly shot....!

Two hand of white paint


Shabby touch....then

Do you see the mirror behind?... I had retouched with white paint... look gorgeous isn't?



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14 commenti:

Paper roses from Paris ha detto...

Nice done, really shabby.
Thanks for your comment,


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,

You created a lovely and perfect white bread box. The part of the mirror, shown in the last photo looks lovely too. Good for you that you manage to do your own painting. Very economical, saving money.
Hugs to you and enjoy the weekend.

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Thanks sweat heart,
Mariette Dear, have you seen I had re manage my blog as your tips.
The best tutor you are!!!!!!!!!!

Love you and have a great weekend

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Hello Janny
Thanks so much.. not at all, happy to sharing the joy.
your roses such a beautiful, remembering me when I was kid making flower with those kind of paper.


AlessandraLace ha detto...

bellissimo il porta pane, raffinato lo specchio. mi piacciono assai. buona notte

Mihaela Nica ha detto...

Cara Ayu,hai realizato un porta-pane elegante ,che può ocupare qualsiasi posto in cucina!
Buon sabato!

orchid ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,
Oh, good lovely shabby work for the bread box♡♡♡ Thank you very much for your sweet comment and so sorry for my absence!!!
And your rose purse from former post is really wonderful. You really are talented lady(^_^)v
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Anonimo ha detto...

thanks for posting..

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Ciao Cara Ale',
Un grande bacio..e sentiamo presto!

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Thanks somuch Miyako-san,

not at too absence for couple of months ;)
love to you from ROME

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Ciao Mihaela,

Grazie per i consigli.lo farò

Lounging with a Latte ha detto...

Thank you for visiting...I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your before and after painted items. Love the bread box.

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Hello Annette,

Thanks so much for your visit, I appreciate it. happy to visit yours too.
take a good care

Anonimo ha detto...

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