giovedì 19 luglio 2012

Holy Cross 2

Hello Friends,just to drop some words ...ah finally I finished  this Holy Cross Embroidery.


I'll  back soon for my garden.

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orchid ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,
Wow, such a great work of "Holy Cross Embroidery"!!! You have wonderful talent beside the gardening.
Your boy is SO lovely and your vegetables look so good☆☆☆

I am really grateful for your sweet comments, thank you very much for stopping by. Yes, in the picture of my post was me and my late brother more than half a century ago (^^;)
Take Care of Yourself;

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

silvia ha detto...

A beautiful work! Also... my eyes were fascinated...

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Hello Miyako,

Thanks Darl for your sweety heart.
I adore Japanese culture remembering especially the food ;), the languange and the people with kimono.

love to you too

Hello Silvia Dear'

Thanks so much Darl', I love too your handywork for the boxes, wish I can learn step by step from you must be so really fun;),hear you soon


AlessandraLace ha detto...

le tue rose sono straordinarie, bravissima. tanti abbracci Alessandra

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,

This work is incredible! What an artist you are.
Did sent you an email, look for it.
Love to you,


Cira Troilo ha detto...

Mi piace molto questo tipo di decorazione fatta con i nastri di raso. Ne vidi una tempo fà su un blog inglese. La tua non ha nulla da invidiare. Complimenti.

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