mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

La Via Delle Rose

Hello My Dearest Ladies,

As I promised before ago, I should post my latest Ribbon Embroidery 
' La Via Delle Rose' right?.

Here we are!!!.... Finally I can catch some moment to use internet while my babies are taking an afternoon nap.actually the embroidery has finished a month ago. Unfortunately, as you know already, I couldn't find any free time to dedicate to my blog completely neglected ;(.

Somehow, today I've succeed to share with you, just only without frame has been done. Once It's framed, I will insert the picture  with frame on.

Here Below the result:


I couldn't imagine by myself before though by pulling up the ribbons,I could make those are petals above real.I was wishing above being done by Silk Ribbon should be more beautiful.
I hope you all like my handy work. 
up next on, I will share with you some projects that I should finish soon for 'the place' where  I am selling my handy-made stuffs.
I'll see you soon Ladies

Note: Apologize the pics aren't professionally result


13 commenti:

A Country Life ha detto...

Io abito in via delle Rose!!!! Pensa un po'!! Questo ricamo è veramente troppo bello, ma com efai a fare quei fiori?? Mi piace veramente tanto!
Un bacione

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

ne anche io non ho capito perche ho riuscito farlo. he;).
ma che coincidenza.
un baci bacioti bacioto

HandMade Gifts and Souvenirs ha detto...

Che bello. Bravo! sooooo pretty roses. so hard work. un bacioto:-)

Giulia ha detto...

hi Ayu...what a kindly moment...reading from you and what wonderful roses you's cool.
I HOPE YOU ARE well as I hope reading from you more and more...



Ayu Maselli ha detto...

G'day Flor,

Hows Luxemburg..hope beautiful days there.
Thanks , that you like my too , you made such a beautiful handy -made.yes.. quite hard work indeed ;).

Hello There Giulia!
Thanks Darl for your message.. yes I am doing fine.. I will I will text you soon once settled down for our home.

see u ladies

silvia ha detto...

Ogni rosa,ogni petalo sembra vero...Complimenti davvero!

silvia ha detto...

Ogni rosa,ogni petalo sembra vero...Complimenti davvero!

AlessandraLace ha detto...

cara Ayu, le tue rose sono deliziose, un lavoro straordinario. mi piacciono un sacco. un grande abbraccio amica mia! Alessandra

Licia ha detto...

Che dire Ayu?????? E' stupendo, dolcissimo e molto raffinato. Sei bravissima.
Un bacione Licia

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Cara Silvia,

Grazie mille, grazie anche per il tuo tutorial dei bottoni.un abbraccio

Hello my dear Ale',

Thanks so much, sono contenta che le mie rose ti piacono.un affetto grandissimo

Licia Cara, come va, grazie mille cara, anche sei tu bravissima, hai fatto tante belle collane.

un abbraccio forte a tutte.a presto

Patrizia ha detto...

hi ayu
how are you? sorry but in this moment I'm very tired because I'm studying inglish and I'm going to have an exam in july and I'm working in my school!!!
this work is very beautiful!!!
bye bye Patrizia

nasia ha detto...

Hello Ayu. I really love your work. I think it is very difficult but very beautiful.

Ayu Maselli ha detto...

Hello Patrizia,Thanks for visit, and auguri for english exam.!hear you soon.

Hello Nasia, nice to know you, Thanks as well for your visit and your compliments. keep in touch

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