mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Rose plant in the clay pot

Finally I am Back.......

My second baby just grew up day by day, Now he start his first Baby cereal. Ahhh..seems yesterday he was born...anyway.. while both are taking afternoon nap, It is my turn to take a break. I had making some retouch for my blog then decided to start blogging.Slowly..but sure:)

 I went to bricolage near my house a few months a go .When i saw this mini clay pot in the craft stand.(as below)

It came an idea to make this small wall hanging decor for our home. I decided to make easy rose plant with the clay pot using ribbon embroidery.For this project I decided to use satin ribbon(easy to find near my house rather then silk).

If you love to make one by your own,before you begin any  ribbon embroidery project you will need supplies. As an essential you will require some needles, fabric ,hoop, You will also need some ribbon (preferably silk),satin,organdy and some thread.
a set of sharp fine scissors to cut through ribbon surely.
Ribbon embroidery projects often require a variety of cords, trims and tassels

Ribbon embroidery is generally worked with Chenille and tapestry needles. Its much easier to make holes for the ribbon to pass through with their large eye and sharp point.
Ribbon Embroidery is not as precise as other forms of needlework

for the beginner  there so many books of ribbon embroidery you may consider to learn  from, for example:http:,

 by the way, for this project so simple, You may apply as hanging wall decor with frame, on cushion project or even handbag shopper.

You need prepare as follows:
# a piece of fabric (Linen, cotton,hardanger,etc as your prefer)
# Ribbon (satin,silk,organdy with green  color for the leaves, any color for the roses)
# mini clay pot
# embroidery hoop
# Glue
# Tread
# Frames

  Lets start.....
# First you prepare the fabric, cut it rectangle  as you prefer. Then you draw with pencil or removable marker the rose plant as the result  below. We need to Glue the mini clay pot onto the bottom of  roses trunk then you start to stitch
The stitches you will need for  as follows:

#For the leaves are strait stitches
#For the roses, you have to make some small roses appliques first, then after stitching the leaves around, you need to applique the roses above the leaves by stitching them from retro side.
#For the trunk of rose plant you make 2 or 3 twist strait stitch
#For the fallen rose and the leaves on the ground you need to use the left and right stitch and an applique rose as well.Finally you frame your embroidery as you prefer, mine I used 3D frame. here the results as below..

(Apologize for the result of my  pictures are not so good,because I used my handy camera so unprofessional)
Well.... easy right. you may try then....



3 commenti:

A Country Life ha detto...

Hi friend of mine!!
This Rose plant in the clay pot is wonderful!!
Kisses Giada

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder ha detto...

Dearest Ayu,
Incredibly sweet Rose topiary; what an artistic work!

Draffin Bears ha detto...

Dear Ayu,

I could not see place to leave a comment in your latest post so went back to say hello and to send my love.
Congratulations to your sweet baby - hope all is well with you and your family,
Sending much love and hugs

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